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The Soul Develops by Giving, not by Accumulating

Let us think back for a moment and remember a time in your life when you gave to someone, perhaps unexpectedly, and how it made you feel. Perhaps you gave money to someone who was homeless and living on the streets. Perhaps you saw someone shivering in the cold, and you took off your jacket and gave it to them. Can you remember the feeling you experienced after giving? It’s a fantastic feeling, like a wave that vibrates over you and through you. It is a feeling that brings so much joy to your heart that you can’t stop smiling. Sometimes we plan these “Giving Events” and other times, they happen at the spur of the moment. If you pay attention to your surroundings, it’s only a matter of time before you will see someone or something that could use your help.

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we are often in such a hurry trying to get everything done, we can miss opportunities to help others. Helping others can be something as easy as a smile or a friendly word, or letting someone go in front of us, who only has one or two items to check-out at the store. I remember recently on a cold day; I pulled in the drive through and ordered a cup of hot coffee. When I reached the window to pay for my coffee, I was informed that the car in front of me paid my bill. I never even saw them. I had no idea who they were. And yet, they showed kindness to me. It reminded me that people are still good, kind, and thoughtful. Their act of kindness made that cup of hot coffee taste even better.

Once you slow down and begin to pay attention, you will notice acts of kindness taking place all around you. I have witnessed an old woman feeding a stray cat behind an alley dumpster. I’ve seen people sharing their own lunch with a cold and hungry dog. And, Countless people giving food, money, coats, and blankets to those in need. I have a good friend who always keeps extra items and food in the car. These items are given to others or to a hungry animal. These are the people who demonstrate the true meaning of Christmas and the holiday season. They understand the true message that it is in giving that we receive.

All of us at INTO THE LIGHT ENERGY HEALING & SPIRITUAL COUNSELING CENTER, wish you good health, happiness, and love this holiday season. If you have a special friend or family member who could benefit from our services, we offer gift certificates, discounts, and payment plans to help make your gift- giving easy.


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