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Rev. Christine Haggerty

Christine is a certified advanced Pranic-Energy Healer and an ordained minister.  She serves as a pranic energy healer and spiritual counselor in Idaho, Arizona, California, and abroad.

Christine also provides Distant-Energy Healing, and Spiritual- Counseling, to clients throughout the United States and overseas. 

Before Christine became a pranic healer, she worked for thirty years within the field of education, teaching and coaching high school in East Los Angeles, teaching elementary school in Idaho, and serving as a principal in the Boise School District. 

In 2009, after retiring from the teaching profession, Christine became a Pastor and was Ordained at The Church of The Rock, by Rev. David Akins in Nampa Idaho. Christine enjoys being a minister and continues to serve throughout her Idaho community and in Arizona and California.

Rev. Christine Haggerty

As a life-long learner and spiritual seeker, Christine discovered that Pranic Healing and Chakra Balancing came naturally to her,  and she eagerly completed the Pranic Healing courses offered by The Institute for Inner Studies founded by Grand-Master Choa Kok Sui and Master Stephen Co, a disciple of Grand-Master Choa.

Serving at the healing clinics in Arizona and starting her own healing practices in Idaho is truly a passion of love for Christine.


 Christine is eternally grateful to all her spiritual teachers, especially to her parents and siblings, her coaches, clients, and to Duane &  Susan Anderson, Gary Schrank,  Dr. Heather Paulson,,   Reiki Master Margaret Caskey,  Dr. Rhonda Steinke,  Carolyn Myss, Fr. Don Riffle,  Sharon Grisham,  Counselor Shelley Conley, and life partner, Deacon Bonnie Coon.  Blessings to you all. 


Pranic Energy

For life to exist, the body must have prana, or life energy. 

This life energy accelerates the healing process by increasing life energy into the affected part(s) and on the entire body.

In Pranic Healing, prana or life energy, serves as the catalyst to accelerate the rate of biochemical reactions involved in the natural healing process of the body, thus, the rate of recovery or healing increases tremendously.  

This powerful healing energy comes from the following sources:

Divine Energy, which is God.  The Sun, The Earth (ground), The Trees, Water sources (Oceans, Rivers, Lakes ), and The Air.  

A Pranic healer is trained to utilize these energies in order to clean, balance, and energize, the entire system of the body. (Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual).  We can also help eliminate addictions, remove or relieve pain, remove diseased energy, thus helping the body to heal, and restore balance, peace, and overall wellbeing.

Pranic Energy

Pranic energy healing can also help remove stress, anxiety, anger, fear, depression, and improve your self-esteem and your ability to forgive and move forward along your path.  

Please know that pranic energy healing is not intended to replace allopathic medicine, but rather to complement it.


Our goal as pranic energy healers, is to help you live a better life.

This is the reason I became a minister and a pranic energy healer.

My mission is to bring more light and love into the world by decreasing suffering and increasing well-being.


My prayer for you is that you experience increased health, peace, and loving kindness in your life, and that you share these gifts with others. 

Yours In Light and Love,

Rev. Christine Haggerty M.Ed

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