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Stop Talking and Start Listening

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Listening is one of the most loving things you can do for someone. It can lift the emotional burdens and allow the heart to gently heal. Listening is the key to the beginning of transformation. It helps us to build a bridge of understanding and reconciliation. Listening comes before forgiveness and forgiveness is the pathway to a higher quality of relationship with our partner, family, neighbors, community, and with the world.

As humans, we sometimes simply listen just so we can speak. Many of us love to hear ourselves talk. We often interrupt others before they are finished speaking, leaving the speaker feeling devalued. We all must remember that in order to truly learn, we must stop talking and actively listen to what is being said. Putting aside all distractions like your cell phone, etc., lets the speaker know that we are actively listening.

When we choose not to listen to someone, we potentially create a rift in the relationship. We are telling this person that what they are saying or feeling is not essential at this moment, and as a result, we are minimizing them. On the other hand, if we choose to listen actively and engage with others, we are showing them that they matter and forming an alliance and strengthening relationships. Choosing to listen to another individual actively is a good quality to have, and it can bring bountiful relationships into our lives.

By practicing active listening, we build a bridge to work through conflict in a peaceful, respectful, and loving way. We all need to find ways to create a world that works for everyone, because everyone needs to feel valued, respected, honored, and loved. This is where transformation takes place.

It’s not always easy to remain quiet, listen and realize that we may have been wrong, we may have misjudged, we may have jumped to conclusions. What is even more challenging, is realizing that some of our earlier programing may have been wrong. But, once we put down our defensiveness and our ego, we begin to learn. During this magical time of learning, we realize that angry people cannot create a peaceful planet, and we begin to see others in a whole new light.

Like many of us, I too, am eager to create a more loving and peaceful world. May this willingness to listen and to reconcile truly unite us. May this transformation bless us with peace in our thoughts, words, and actions.

In peaceful service to all,


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