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Joining the Energy Healing Team

Updated: Jan 20


I can't believe it has been over a decade since I started my Pranic energy healing center in Meridian, Idaho.  After years of study, classes, internships, travel, and healing others at clinics in Arizona and California, I was finally able to set up my own Pranic energy center in beautiful Idaho and begin my life-long passion of helping others.  

During this past decade I have had many clients who were interested in learning more about Pranic energy healing. I always shared Master Stephan Co’s book titled: “Your Hands Can Heal You.” Many clients found this book to be extremely helpful in understanding the teachings of energy healing.


Three years later, I was blessed when Bonnie Coon walked into the clinic and asked if she could learn about energy healing and observe. In the beginning I had her setting up the healing room before clients arrived, making sure everything was in order. Then she learned how to properly clean the room including everything that is used during a session. She also made sure all the supplies I needed were well stocked. I asked her if she would be interested in becoming an assistant, but she was hesitant. After another year of working side by side with me, she started to feel more comfortable and confident. Finally, she realized that we made a good team and she said she was willing to be a part-time assistant. That was good enough for me. Many of my clients have already experienced her unique gifts as an energy healer, although she remains very private about her abilities.


 Therefore, I am pleased to announce that Bonnie has joined our energy healing team part-time. She holds two College degrees in education and has completed her three-year internship working at the healing center in addition to locations off campus.

Bonnie brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience within the field of energy healing, and specializes in scanning energy fields, locating weaknesses in the body, spiritual cleansing & removal of negative energies. Bonnie is also very intelligent and has a wonderful sense of humor. Her warm and caring personality help our clients feel right at home.


With the addition of Bonnie joining our staff, we have also modified our website and have added a new healing package where clients can request myself and Bonnie to work on them at the same time. This would be a two-hour session involving scanning, chakra & aura cleansing, energizing, cord cutting, and a relaxing meditation where most clients fall asleep.

You can learn more about this new session on our website.

Included in this article is a photo of the new healing session we are offering. Book your session now.


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