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It's Time to Forgive Yourself

In order to continue advancing along your spiritual path, one must forgive themselves.  A person can study all their lives, attend retreats, travel the world seeking the highest truths and wisdoms available.  A person can keep taking classes, courses, and read an entire library of books on spiritual development and how to reach Nirvana, yet without self-forgiveness, they will only advance so far.  This is the Law of Energy. 

Often, when people are trying to improve their life and decide to make substantial changes to move forward along their journey, they discover that forgiving others is a powerful and effective leap towards peace.  They are now on a path that offers tremendous healing in all aspects of their life and even their own physical body begins to vibrate at a higher level.  This is the point where others may notice a positive change taking place in you. 

The next level is a major leap and requires learning to forgive yourself.  This is an area where many get stuck or tangled.  They sometimes decide that they have evolved enough

and can continue to live their life carrying this spirit of unforgiveness and get along just fine.  What they do not realize, is that this lack of self-forgiveness keeps them from fully loving and living their best life.  According to the Higher Teachings, if you seek self-forgiveness through books and learning, you will not truly understand it.  If you seek self-forgiveness with a humble and trusting heart, you will indeed find it.

Pranic energy healing and spiritual counseling can help you traverse through this challenging part of the journey.  As energy healers, it is one of our greatest joys to help people live their best life and then watch them become a blessing to the world.  And, in order to truly become a blessing to the world, you need to build and maintain your energy field with love, compassion, kindness, and forgiveness.  This powerful healing energy will transform your life in ways you never dreamed possible. 

It really is time for you to forgive yourself and begin living a life of love and service.  The world is waiting for you to share all your amazing gifts and talents. 

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