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A Simple Act

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

We’ve all seen our fair share of anger, road-rage, and all out rude behaviors in recent years. Living in a time of a global pandemic where millions are dying, Russia is in a full fledge war in the Ukrairne, and the polarization of political

propaganda running loose like wild fire, it’s no wonder we are seeing the uglier side of our human nature. Our anger and impatience are getting the better of us. I often see it on the freeway, people chasing each other in their car, going well beyond the speed limit, because someone cut in front of them. On our highways and streets, I’ve witnessed drivers yelling out their window or flipping off another driver. Recently, I was the recipient of an ugly gesture because I was driving the speed limit. I also see drivers racing their pick-up trucks up and down a busy road with their flags waving in the wind; some of the flags being Nazis flags and other depictions of hate against their fellow man. Yes, people are stressed and angry, and it’s showing in our thoughts, words, and actions.

However, something happened last week that was absolutely amazing and showed us that mankind still has hope in their heart and kindness in their soul. At one of the busiest intersections in Meridian, at 4:30 pm, when people are getting off work and eager to get home, a miracle took place that brought out everyone’s good side of their human nature. A momma duck with seven of her fluffy little babies

ducklings crossed the busy intersection and took their sweet time doing it. I was the first car at the red light when this beautiful miracle happened. I saw traffic come to a complete stop from all sides of this busy intersection. No one honked their horn, no one yelled. I witnessed the car next to me actually turn off their loud music, roll down their window, and video tape the duck family crossing the intersection. When the lights changed from red to green, no one moved, no one turned left, no one turned right, everyone just enjoyed the sweet view of the fluffy baby ducklings following their momma. Some folks got out of their cars, all with smiles on their faces to watch the simple act that mother nature was providing. People were smiling at each other, laughing and even talking with one another. I also saw the employees stop working at the local bank on the corner and look out the windows to see why traffic had stopped in all directions. When they saw the little family of ducks crossing the road, they all pointed and smiled.

It took that simple, innocent act, to bring us back to our true nature. Seeing seven fluffy baby ducklings crossing the intersection in a straight line behind their momma, not a care in the world, knowing that momma was going to keep them safe and get them on the other side, brought back our humanity, our joy, and our deep respect for one another and for mother nature.

In Loving Kindness to all creatures great and small,

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