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Rocks, Atoms, & Pranic Energy

While attending college, some of my favorite courses were Kinesiology and Physiology. As a former high school teacher who loved teaching biology and life-science, I often remained in the school lab hours after my colleagues went home for the day. I believe this was the beginning of my exciting adventure into Pranic Energy Healing because I realized that everything is energy. All that IS, is Energy. Without energy, there is no life force. All energy is in a constant state of movement, vibration, or cyclic activity. Take for instance a rock, it looks pretty life-less, but under microscopic examination, you will see that the rock is full of live atoms. Each of the individual atoms is in fact, a miniature living unit, characterized by a central nucleus around which one or more electrons revolve in a field of energy, which could be compared with planets orbiting around a central sun in a solar system – “as above, so below.”

Apart from the constant and cyclic movement of energy within each atom, the atom is also characterized by a process of breathing. The atom not only absorbs energy when breathing in, but also breathes out by constantly radiating energy through the atomic wall. All is energy. Yes, even Love is energy, and one of the most potent forces in the universe. The chakras of the body are energy systems that also breathe in and out. The chakras also spin in different directions. They spin one way when breathing in, and spin the other way when breathing out. A pranic energy healer can detect whether a chakra is congested or depleted and repair the chakra to function properly, thus returning energy to the area so the body can heal itself.

Pranic energy healers can remove dirty or diseased energy from the body and replace it with clean pure energy. It’s like changing the oil and filter when you take your car in for a tune-up. Pranic energy healers are trained to keep your energy system running in tip top condition. Any mechanic will tell you that if you take good care of your car on a regular basis, it will last a lot longer. The same is true with our bodies. By keeping our energy systems clean and energized, we can often avoid serious illness or disease. As a pranic energy healer, I can now feel energy and work with it in ways that I never imagined. I am eternally grateful to all my teachers and to the One True Source where all energy comes from. I look forward to seeing you during your next energy tune-up. Stay Energized my friends.

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