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Which Chakra is the Walt Disney Chakra?

Pranic Energy means “Life Force Energy” and pranic energy healers have been trained to utilize this energy in order to bring different levels of healing to clients. Focusing on the major chakras, pranic healers can clean, energize, balance, and stabilize each chakra, in order to help bring tremendous healing to all areas of the body. I would like to focus on a few of the major chakras and what you can expect when these chakras are clean, energized, and functioning properly.

The basic chakra. When this chakra is working properly you feel protected, cared for, and loved even if you are alone. You feel present in your body. You feel your basic needs are covered. You feel you are a part of the world. When you feel your basic needs are covered, you can expand your consciousness. This incredible chakra deals with muscles, bones, and your physical strength. Keeping this chakra clean and energized is vital to you physical wellbeing.

The Sex chakra. When your sex chakra is cleaned, energized, and balanced you tend to be very creative. You are passionate not only physically, but also about your goals and interests. People who have a strong sex chakra tend to excel in acting, drama, the arts, singing, speaking, debating, politics, and are excellent orators. You have a good relationship with money, and you allow it to flow. You are aware of your sexuality, and you feel comfortable expressing it. You are also able to connect intimately with others.

The solar plexus chakra. When clean, energized and functioning properly, your body and mind are connected and aligned. Your thoughts materialize. You prioritize your health and inner peace over superficial interests. You have the willpower to do or change anything in your life. You have goals and plans to achieve them. And most importantly, you love and accept yourself.

The heart chakra. When clean, energized, balanced, and stabilized you feel curious about life and new experiences. You are not afraid. You are consciously awake. You know what is right is not always what is normal. You feel free and ready to expand yourself even more. You can love again. You can give and receive love.

The throat chakra. When clean and energized and working properly you are comfortable expressing your feelings. You say, do, and think what makes you feel authentic. You can express yourself in many ways. You know who you are and you are not afraid to show it. You feel motivated by your life purpose. You express your ideas without fear.

The Ajna Chakra. When this powerful chakra (the CEO of the chakras) is activated and running properly, you are intuitive and trust your intuition. You feel you have a lot to express in many ways. You constantly have new ideas. Your imagination is very active. (I call this the Walt Disney chakra) You change your mind easily. You solve problems easily and on your own. You find the right words to communicate your thoughts. You can create anything you want with enough consistency of aim and effort.

The crown chakra When activated and functioning properly you can have a conversation without taking things personal. You can see yourself without forming negative judgements. Your senses are sharp but you are not over sensitive. You feel inspired often.You are open to new ideas.You can receive guidance.You accept and adapt to changes easily.You like learning.

Keep those chakras clean, energized, and balanced, and the sky's the limit.

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